Our Mission

The Brooke It Forward Foundation helps to heal children who have suffered abuse by honoring their birthdays. The foundation provides the essentials for a birthday celebration in a cheerful shoebox-sized box.


about BIFF

Children Celebrating

Born in 2019, the Brooke It Forward Foundation celebrates the dignity of children in need by honoring their special day – their birthday!

Organize a Box Drive

Photo of example Birthday Boxes

Calling groups, families, or individuals! Host a box drive to collect items for boxes and/or to assemble boxes!


Gift of the Heart Logo

Birthdays happen every month. Please consider becoming a monthly “gifter”!

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Amazon Wishlist

We’ve made it easy to fill a Birthday Box from the comfort of your home or office. Just click on the link to find the Alone Wish List that includes many options for filling boxes for all ages. Amazon delivers the items directly to us and we fill Birthday Boxes!