Best Birthdays of 2020 – Photo Contest

Image of dog wearing "Happy Birthday" crown and sunglasses with text promoting "Best Birthdays of 2020 Photo Contest" hosted by the Louisiana Alliance of Children's Advocacy Centers and the Brooke It Forward Foundation benefitting the children of Plaquemines CARE Center.

Best Birthdays of 2020 Photo Contest!

If we’ve learned anything so far during the Year 2020, it’s that when we celebrate it is #MORETHANJUSTABIRTHDAY.

On June 12th, Brooke It Forward will celebrate it’s FIRST BIRTHDAY! In order to celebrate this big milestone, we are excited for the Launch of the Birthday Box Program for the children of Plaquemines CARE Center,

To highlight the importance of birthdays (no matter what is happening in the world) and to bring awareness to the expansion of the Birthday Box Program, the Louisiana Alliance of Children’s Advocacy Centers and the Brooke Forward Foundation are hosting a PHOTO CONTEST!

Click HERE to enter your photos depicting the BEST BIRTHDAY celebrations of 2020.

Be sure to share your entry info with your friends as the winners will be chosen by public vote.

Gift Cards to 3 Winners will be awarded as follows: First Place Vote – $50 card; Second Place Vote -$25 card; and Last Place Vote – $15 card. (In case of tie(s), a winner(s) will be drawn at random from all potential winners in each category.)

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